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Group Leader

Zijie Yan

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Physical Sciences

Dr. Yan obtained his PhD in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2011. He was an assistant professor at Clarkson University after postdoctoral training at the University of Chicago. He joined the faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2019.



Fan Nan

Dr. Nan joined the Group after obtaining his PhD in Physics from Wuhan University in 2017. He has been developing new optical manipulation techniques since then.


Graduate Students

Fei Han

Fei obtained his BS in Materials Physics from the University of Science and Technology of China and joined the group in 2016. He mainly studies optical binding of nanoparticles, but also synthesizes colloidal nanoparticles. 

Zhewei Cai

Zhewei obtained his BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona and joined the group in 2016. He works on the synthesis and biomedical applications of plasmonic nanoparticles.



Zhenzhen Chen

Zhenzhen obtained her BS in Biological Engineering from Henan University of Science and Technology and joined the group in 2018. She synthesizes colloidal nanoparticles and studies nano–bio interactions for nanomedicine applications.

Undergraduate Students

Bergen Murray

UNC Class of 2024





Reshmasai Malleedi

UNC Class of 2023

Quantitative Biology Major, Mathematics & Chemistry Minors



Armin Jamshidi

UNC Class of 2022

Biomedical Engineering Major



Wenbo Liu

UNC Class of 2022

Clinical Laboratory Science Major