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   Selected Publications

Optical matter machines: angular momentum conversion by collective modes in optically bound nanoparticle arrays

John Parker, Curtis W. Peterson, Yuval Yifat, Stuart A. Rice, Zijie Yan, Stephen K. Gray, and Norbert F. Scherer

Optica, 7, 1341-1348 (2020). 


Optical Sorting at the Single-Particle Level with Single-Nanometer Precision Using Coordinated Intensity and Phase Gradient Forces

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

ACS Nano, 14, 7602-7609 (2020). 


Phase Transition and Self-Stabilization of Light-Mediated Metal Nanoparticle Assemblies

Fei Han and Zijie Yan

ACS Nano, 14, 6616-6625 (2020). 


Synergy of intensity, phase and polarization enables versatile optical nanomanipulation

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

Nano Letters, 20, 2778-2783 (2020). 


Making Permanent Optical Matter of Plasmonic Nanoparticles by In Situ Photopolymerization

Zhenzhen Chen, Fan Nan, Zijie Yan

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124, 4215-4220 (2020).




Tuning nanoparticle electrodynamics by an optical-matter-based laser beam shaper

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

Nano Letters19, 3353–3358 (2019). [download pdf]


Light-driven self-healing of nanoparticle-based metamolecules

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58, 4917–4922 (2019). [download pdf]




Silver-nanowire-based interferometric optical tweezers for enhanced optical trapping and binding of nanoparticles

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

Advanced Functional Materials, 29, 1808258 (2019). inside back cover. [download pdf]






Three-dimensional optical trapping and orientation of microparticles for coherent X-ray diffraction imaging

Yuan Gao, Ross Harder, Stephen H Southworth, Jeffrey R Guest, Xiaojing Huang, Zijie Yan, Leonidas E Ocola, Yuval Yifat, Nishant Sule, Phay J Ho, Matthew Pelton, Norbert F Scherer, Linda Young

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116, 4018-4024  (2019). News  [download pdf]


Crossover from positive to negative optical torque in mesoscale optical matter

Fei Han, John A Parker, Yuval Yifat, Curtis Peterson, Stephen K. Gray, Norbert F. Scherer, Zijie Yan

Nature Communications, 9, 4897 (2018). [download pdf] [supplementary info]



Dissipative self-assembly of anisotropic nanoparticle chains with combined electrodynamic and electrostatic interactions

Fan Nan, Fei Han, Norbert F. Scherer, Zijie Yan

Advanced Materials30, 1803238 (2018). [download pdf] [supplementary info]



Creating multifunctional optofluidic potential wells for nanoparticle manipulation

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

Nano Letters, 18, 7400-7406 (2018). [download pdf] [supplementary info]


Sorting metal nanoparticles with dynamic and tunable optical driven forces

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

Nano Letters, 18, 4500-4505 (2018). [download pdf] [supplementary info]



Probing spatiotemporal stability of optical matter by polarization modulation

Fan Nan and Zijie Yan

Nano Letters, 18, 1396-1401 (2018). [download pdf] [supplementary info]



Self-organization of metal nanoparticles in light: electrodynamics-molecular dynamics simulations and optical binding experiments

Patrick McCormack, Fei Han, Zijie Yan

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9, 545–549 (2018). [download pdf] [supplementary info]


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