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We develop new experimental and computational techniques to study light-matter interactions at the nanometer scale. In particular, we use advanced optical tweezers to precisely manipulate nanoscopic objects, aiming to create artificial material assemblies with emergent properties and to probe nanoscale interactions at high resolution.

We also synthesize new types of optical nanocrystals, such as plasmonic, upconversion, halide perovskite and their hybrid structures, and explore their applications in photochemistry, nanomedicine, biophotonics, sensing, and optomechanics.

Our research topics include:

  • Nanoscale optical trapping, binding and sorting                   ▫ Optical nanomaterials and devices
  • Advanced laser beam shaping                                                         ▫ Light-matter interactions
  • Electrodynamics simulations                                                          ▫ Single-particle spectroscopy

We thank the National Science Foundation and the W.M. Keck Foundation for financial support.